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  • January 28, 2011 9:04 AM | Deleted user


    Professional Trained Service Representatives

    Each service representative has been trained at Stinkie University

    and pride themselves on being a model of efficiency and accuracy.

    We give you what you demand excellent service!

    Manufacturing Differentiates Aire-Master

    For 53 years we make what we service and sell. You get a full-menu of

    services direct from the manufacturer.

    No Risk Offers

    Take advantage of our no risk offers and then decide if Aire-Master is

    right for you.

    No Contracts Required

    We don’t need contracts, unless you do. If we can’t keep your business

    with our superior products and service, then you don’t need us.

    Idaho Owned & Operated

    Aire-Master locations that service the entire state of Idaho:

    • Inland Empire (north) Coeur d’Alene / Lewiston

    • Eastern Idaho (east) Idaho Falls / Pocatello

    • Magic Valley (south) Twin Falls

    • Southern Idaho (west) Nampa / Caldwell

    • Gem State (west) Boise

    Call Aire-Master today and see how we can help provide a total solution for your odor control and commercial hygiene needs.

    Happy 25th Anniversary Buy Idaho!

    Aire-Master is a proud member that helps promote Buy Idaho’s mission:  

    •·         To help Buy Idaho member firms develop an increased volume of business within and outside of Idaho. Aire-Master offers 5 locations providing service to the entire state of Idaho.

    •·         Expand Idaho people’s knowledge about the broad variety of services and of products grown and manufactured in Idaho. Aire-Master promotes Buy Idaho through Stinkie University training, KIDO radio, Winery Show, Capitol Show and fund raising opportunities (Breast Cancer Awareness).

    •·         To encourage Idahoans to purchase Idaho products and services within Idaho. Aire-Master service providers are owned and operated by Idahoans that help support their local workforce and economies.

    Aire-Master Customers Matter To Us

    “We appreciate that Aire-Master offers environmentally safe deodorizers.” Gary Todd, Director of Environment • St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center “Aire-Master has serviced my 36 facilities for the past 5 years with quality products and competitive pricing.”

    Larry Gammel, Facility Management Director • Idaho Youth Ranch

    “I am so impressed by Aire-Master s personal service they take care of

    all my paper and soap needs.”

    Gary Davis, Smoky Davis President • (Buy Idaho past President)


    Deodorizing Service

    Bad odors are bad for business. No matter how much you clean, you can’t get rid of the smell. This makes a bad impression on your visitors.

    Aire-Master Deodorizing Service helps you project an image of quality and cleanliness in large and small problem areas.

    Some air fresheners attempt to cover up odors with low quality, strong perfumes. Aire-Master uses true deodorants that eliminate unwanted

    Scent Branding with ScentScapes™

    ScentScapes is an ideal way to put scent branding to work for you. Aire-Master can help you create your own signature fragrance that successfully represents your company and will give your customers a unique, memorable  brand experience.

    Visit  for more details.

    Floors & Drains

    Aire-Master can help you control the offensive odors that come from your floors and drains. Our enzyme products and odor counteractants attack odors at the source.


    Soaps & Sanitizers

    Aire-Master offers a variety of the highest quality soap and sanitizer systems to help stop the spread of germs. It’s as easy as choosing the type of soap or sanitizer you need and the right dispensing system for your business.


    Toilets, Urinals & Sinks

    Aire-Master will thoroughly clean your resrtroom  sinks, toilets and urinals including hard to reach areas where germs breed and odors develop. Your restrooms will assure your customers that you maintain high standards of health and cleanliness.


    Aire-Master destroys bacteria with EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants that are safe for use on all surfaces and an excellent alternative to bleach. Our disinfectants are effective against a full spectrum of bacteria.

    Floors & Walls

    Aire-Master provides floor & wall cleaning service to remove built-up soil, stains, chemical residue

    and grease from your tile and grout. (not available in all areas)


    Paper & Liner Program

    Aire-Master is the natural choice for all your paper needs, and we make it easy for you to maintain your paper supplies. We offer a full line of paper towels and tissue, can liners, and top-of-the-line dispensers.

    Hands-Free Solutions

    Recent studies indicate that 90 percent of washroom users prefer a touch-free environment. Aire-Master offers touch-free systems that reduce germs, water usage and eliminate odors. A touch-free restroom leaves a strong impression that you care about hygiene.



    Aire-Master of Gem State (Patty Thies)

    P. 208-250-9221


  • January 22, 2011 7:12 AM | Harold Brown (Administrator)

    Western Stockmen’s, Helping you raise healthy animals! That is our tag line and something we strive for each and every day with each and every customer.  Western Stockmen’s began back in 1959 as “Kellogg’s”, Inc, owned by George and Dorothy Kellogg. It was sold to the J.R. Simplot Co. in October, 1987.  We became incorporated and was referred to as “WSI”.  Since we are no longer incorporated, we have dropped the “WSI” logo and are now Western Stockmen’s.  We are a true Idaho born company


    Western Stockmen’s focuses on product superiority and customer driven service.  We have two mills, one located in Caldwell, Idaho and another in Burley, Idaho.  We manufacture our own line of feed called “Western Stockmen’s Pride” and also produce custom feeds for dairies and feedlots.  Western Stockmen’s has 3 retail locations in southern Idaho; Caldwell, Burley and Jerome; that provide convenience for “walk in” customers.  We have an “outside” sales staff of 9 that cover most of the Pacific northwest.   Along with this sales staff and our retail stores, we are a distributer to many dealers across the northwest dealing in livestock feed, nutritional supplements, animal health and hardware, fencing, seed, and commodity services.    


  • January 18, 2011 2:41 PM | Harold Brown (Administrator)

    430 Old Jackson Highway   Victor, ID  83455
    208.787.9000 (phone)

    208.787.4114 (fax)

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE              January 17, 2011
    Contact: Chuck Nowicki, Sales Director
    (888) 899-1656    (888) 899-1656
    Persephone Imperial Pilsner is the latest release of Grand Teton Brewing Company’s renowned “Cellar Reserve” program.
    VICTOR, ID -- Grand Teton Brewing Company, known throughout the West for their exceptional craft brews, will celebrate the release of Persephone Imperial Pilsner at their pub in Victor, Idaho on January 29th. This springtime brew, in their 2011 “Cellar Reserve” series of specialty beers, has the light body and smooth flavor of a traditional pilsner but twice the strength and a stronger hop presence than what is usually expected in this style of beer.

    Persephone (pur-seff-uh-knee) Imperial Pilsner was brewed with one foot in the past and one in the present.  Grand Teton Brewing Company started by creating this beer in the German style, an offshoot of the original pilsner that features German noble hops and a lighter, crisper body than its Czech counterpart.  They used a blend of domestic Idaho 2-row barley and imported German malts as well as German Hersbrucker hops for flavor and aroma.  Grand Teton Brewing Company then took a leap forward by making this brew twice the strength of a traditional pilsner, with a big hop flavor to match.
    After fermentation using a German lager strain, Grand Teton Brewing Company conditioned this brew for two months at freezing temperatures.  This maturation process is known as lagering (from the German meaning “to store”) and the process lends its name to the broad category of beer known as lager.  This long lagering period is essential to create the smooth and well-rounded flavor expected from a pilsner. Grand Teton Brewing Company presents this beer in the German kellerbier tradition, where beer is brought to the consumer without filtration or pasteurization, and recommends serving it at 40 degrees in a traditional pilsner glass.
    Persephone Imperial Pilsner pours a pale, glowing yellow with a bright white and frothy head. A light aroma of dried hay lifts from the glass, but the flavor is marked by soft mint flavors with sherbet-like overtones. A strong, resinous bitterness lingers on and on, blending into each new sip and providing a strong backbone for this brew. Persephone features a light body, but softer and rounder than the mass-produced versions of this style. Try Persephone Imperial Pilsner with grilled tuna steaks or white pizza topped with caramelized onions and brined olives. Or keep it German and pair it with bratwurst, sauerkraut and spicy brown mustard.
    Despite the strength of this beer, Persephone Imperial Pilsner is not recommended as a candidate for extended cellaring. The light crisp body and deep hop flavors will fade with time, which means this brew is best consumed fresh.
    The Persephone Imperial Pilsner label features original artwork by Victor, Idaho artist Gabby Prouty.  It depicts the return of Persephone from the Underworld, bringing with her the return of Spring. Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, was abducted by Hades and carried to the Underworld. The devastated Earth goddess Demeter allowed the world to become barren while she searched for her stolen daughter.  Answering the pleas of starving humans, Zeus ordered Persephone’s release, but Hades tricked Persephone into eating pomegranate seeds.  By decree of the Fates, that meant that Persephone would have to return to Hades’ realm every year, once again causing Demeter to grieve, and bringing about the winter season.
    The Cellar Reserve series of beers are unique, different even from other craft beers. Grand Teton’s Cellar Reserves are brewed with specialty hops and malts and unique strains of yeast.  Most ales and lagers are produced in 2-4 weeks.  However, up to 8 months are spent on each of the Cellar Reserve specialty brews.  They are also bottle-conditioned, which produces natural carbonation that will blend and smooth the flavors with time. Proper aging of these bottles creates beers to be cherished.  Grand Teton’s Cellar Master provides regular tasting notes and aging updates on his web page, “Notes from Underground,” at
    Grand Teton Brewing will release three specialty brews in the Cellar Reserve line for 2011.  The production quantity for each brew is very limited.
    Persephone Imperial Pilsner is available at select locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming!  Call the brewery at 1-888-899-1656 for information and availability on this exciting new product.
    Grand Teton Brewing Company was founded in 1988 as the first modern “micro” brewery in the state of Wyoming. Today, Grand Teton Brewing Company is in the Brewer’s Association’s “Top 100 Craft Breweries in North America”.  Their premium microbrews include the 6x gold-medal-winning Bitch Creek ESB, the 2009 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner (American Pale Ale) Sweetgrass APA and the favorites of the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks; Old Faithful Ale (pale golden), Howling Wolf Weisse Bier (hefeweizen) and Teton Ale (amber).  From their production facility in Victor, Idaho, Grand Teton Brewing Company beers are hand-crafted from only the finest ingredients, including locally-grown grains and pure Teton mountain spring water.  Grand Teton Brewing Company is a green company utilizing environmentally conscious and sustainable practices whenever possible.  Grand Teton Brewing Company is also the inventor of the modern glass growler, which is estimated to have saved over one billion bottles and cans from entering the ecosystem to date.  Discriminating beer drinkers can find their favorite Grand Teton Brewing Company brews on tap and in bottles throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.


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