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Welcome to Buy Idaho!

Idaho’s homegrown businesses capture the passion, independence, and hard work that define the American spirit.

When we support Idaho businesses, we are making a statement with our dollars. We are choosing to keep our money in the state to support our own schools, economy, and communities.

For those who have called Idaho home for years – and for many of us, a lifetime – it is no wonder people from other parts of the country and the world are choosing the Gem State to live, invest, and do business. We are consistently rated one of the top states for job growth, tax-friendliness, and livability.

We welcome the rankings and accolades, but it is our culture above any statistic that makes us proud to call Idaho home. Our communities share in the excitement of an entrepreneur starting a business. We root for innovation and investment in our existing businesses, large and small.

Buy Idaho is part of that culture. Buy Idaho celebrates and promotes the businesses that make Idaho unique.

Just about every product and service imaginable has a Buy Idaho option that offers convenience and excellence. With the help of Buy Idaho, it is easy to choose Idaho products and services.

America is built on proud business owners and communities that support each other. Join me in strengthening our great state and “Buy Idaho” whenever possible!

Brad Little

The “Buy Idaho” message is simple but profound:  When you buy Idaho, you build Idaho.    

That was the idea 28 years ago when I helped found Buy Idaho, and it’s still the same idea today.

Idaho is a great place to live and work, and Idahoans can ensure our state’s prosperity by keeping our dollars here at home.  It does more than the important work of creating jobs and supporting local economies.  Buying Idaho also helps pay for the schools, services and infrastructure we all need to compete in the global marketplace. 

Idaho is home to some of the most savvy, skilled business people you’ll find anywhere.  In addition to their good business sense, these folks foster a fiercely independent entrepreneurial spirit that is unique to Idaho citizens.  It is this unique spirit that makes the Buy Idaho program strong and dependable – just like our businesses. 

If you are looking for a quality product that reflects the creativity, talent and innovation of its producer, look no further than your local Idaho businesses. 

Please join me in supporting our great businesses and people by remembering to Buy Idaho!

Buy Idaho

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