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Alaska Glacier Vodka

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Alaska Glacier Vodka
(808) 344-0508

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Introducing vodka that has been 23,000 years in the making.
The story of Alaska Glacier Vodka is one of uncommon patience and effort. Without fanfare, without the acknowledgement of humankind–before cars, before industry–Pacific storms deposited layer upon layer of snow on the Chugach Mountains and valleys. As the layers piled up, they were compressed under unimaginable pressure into blue ice. And there they slumbered as glaciers in the purity of preindustrial Earth.
But glaciers aren’t as dormant as they seem. Almost without notice, inch-by-inch, they move toward the sea. Along the way, they share some of their precious water cargo with Alaska’s springs and rivers.
Today, we Idahoans are the lucky beneficiaries of this ancient gift. Water from Alaska’s Eklutna glacier is carefully sourced and shipped to Caldwell, Idaho. Why Idaho? We knew early on that for our precious water to realize its full potential as vodka, we needed a distiller who is as passionate about the distilling craft as we are. And so, Koenig Distillers, the premier distiller in the Northwest, creates our pure Alaskan Glacier Vodka, one batch at a time. One sip, and you’ll notice an uncommonly crisp taste that only a source as pure and timeless as this could produce.
Here’s to things worth waiting for.
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